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Adding Drivers to Your Car Insurance

Unless you know for a fact you’ll be the only person ever driving your car, you may want to know in what situations you need to add a driver to your car insurance. The last thing you want to happen is to have a driver other than you get into an accident with your car and the company not cover the damages. Here are some situations and scenarios in which you need to consider adding a driver to your car insurance and when it’s not necessary to do so.

Who Should Be Added To Your Car Insurance?

The first thing you should do is check with your car insurance company to see what rules and policies they have for adding drivers to your insurance. Generally speaking, someone should be added to your policy if they have a driver’s license, lives in the same household as you and have as much access to your car as you do. This could be anyone from your spouse to your children, a roommate or anyone else who lives with you. 

People who don’t live with you, but drive your car frequently, may also need to be added as a driver to your car insurance. Examples include a nanny that transports your children to different places, a healthcare worker that comes to your home or anyone else who has access to and uses your car regularly. Confirm with your insurance company whether this type of person should be added just in case they get into a car accident while driving your vehicle.

Situations When Drivers Should Not Be Added To Your Car Insurance

Just because you intend on allowing someone to drive your vehicle for a one-off occasion doesn’t mean they need to be added as a driver to your car insurance. Most insurance companies have permissive use policies that state the occasional driver is covered, but people who frequently use the car need to be added to the policy. So if you allow a family member to use your truck to haul a large item, they don’t need to be added. The important thing to remember is to check with your car insurance company to see how they handle these situations, since the coverage may be reduced for drivers not listed on the policy.

Driving Experience Can Impact Insurance Rates

If you have a teenager in your household driving your car, it’s best to add them to your car insurance policy. It will be cheaper to add them to your policy rather than getting their own policy, but be aware that your premium will increase also. Adding a new driver to an insurance policy is expensive because of their lack of experience. However, the more years of driving experience they have with a clean record, the lower the premiums will get over time. 

Adding a new driver over 25 will be more expensive than a 25-year-old who has been driving since they were 16-years-old. The reason is because of the experience factor. A new driver over 25 should expect to pay higher insurance rates for at least three years from the start date of their policy, as long as they keep a clean record in the process.

What Single Parents Should Look For In Car Insurance

A single parent always looks for ways to get the best car insurance coverage at the best possible price. Being a single parent can be challenging enough, but there are some ways to reduce your financial burden while still ensuring you and your kids are protected. The car you drive is a major factor when it comes to the insurance premiums you have to pay. To reduce your insurance rate, consider only driving a car as big as what you need and avoid any luxury models as they typically have higher rates associated with them. Another thing a single parent can do is raise your deductible so your premium rate will decrease. Depending on how much you raise your deductible, the premium savings may not make a significant impact right away, but the savings will add up over time. 

And if you have a teen driver, expect your insurance premiums to increase significantly when they are added to your insurance policy. A great way to keep the rate as low as possible is to have your teen take a driver’s safety course. You may be eligible for a discount by doing so, but the biggest savings happen when your teen driver maintains a clean driving record. The more proactive you are by giving them experience and education, the better their chances are of driving safely. Good student discounts are also offered by many insurance companies, so check with your company to see what their requirements are. 

No one wants to pay more than they have to for car insurance, so always call your insurance company to see what discounts you’re eligible for while also maintaining sufficient coverage.

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