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How Businesses Are Handling Their Webops In Unprecedented Times

With the unprecedented times we are currently living in, knowing the right thing to do with your company can be a challenge. Businesses are closing every day, which means websites are shutting down as well. However, if you own or operate a website that’s up and running, you may have experienced a spike in traffic in recent weeks. More people are on the Internet throughout the day, which has given general web traffic a significant boost. This trend isn’t expected to stop anytime soon, so what’s your plan for ensuring your website is functional, secure, fast and reliable now and in the future?

When someone visits your website, they don’t want to wait for the page to load. In fact, research indicates if a website takes even just a few seconds to load, the chances of the person leaving are very high. With WebOps, you can ensure your web team operates efficiently and your website runs smoothly. Whether you’re launching a new website or maintaining an existing one, Pantheon’s WebOps helps teams drive results and advance their website to new heights. This is an important time to understand all the benefits of WebOps and how it fits into your organizational goals.

What Exactly Is WebOps?

WebOps is defined as a set of practices designed to automate processes and facilitate collaboration to improve your organization’s productivity, whether it’s the developers, the designers, the content writers and editors, stakeholders and other levels of the company. Empowering a team to design, develop, test and release a website can make them more efficient and effective with their time, and the result of the release is typically much greater.

Successful WebOps means having every member of your organization on the same page. When everyone clearly understands the overall objective, they can do their jobs better and move the company’s goal forward. The purpose of Pantheon’s WebOps is to ensure team members don’t get slowed down with certain tasks like moving databases between different environments. Instead, they can use that time to think creatively, design effectively, test thoroughly and deploy successfully. By implementing Pantheon’s WebOps, companies tend to find they still have money left over in their project budget that can be spent on enhancing their client experience even more.

Why High Speed And Low Load Times Matter

It’s simple to understand why your website needs to operate at fast speeds. Society in general demands instantaneous responses in many aspects of life today, and that is especially true when it comes to the Internet. On average, people will spend roughly 15 seconds on your website, so if it takes half of that time to load, then they may not even see the content they came for before giving up and leaving. While the design and layout of your website are important factors, customers typically prioritize speed over everything else. 

WebOps can help you balance the tricky nature of making your website attractive, while keeping load times low and response times high. Sometimes it’s hard to predict what will bog your website down as you’re creating new features and ideas. Then when you do implement it, you have to make the tough choice of either operating a slower website or taking down the feature you worked so diligently on. The secret to this balance could lie with your content delivery network (CDN). The goal is to have the content from your website as close to your visitor as you can. This will increase their speed times and decrease the load time to create a better overall experience.

With Pantheon’s Global CDN, you can gather data on where time is spent on your servers, even down to the millisecond. With multiple presence points globally, Pantheon’s Global CDN helps to keep the content as close to the site visitor as reasonably possible. Being able to view and measure this speed is essential for teams so they can see what lag times they may have in real-time and work to fix them immediately.

Never Sacrifice Security 

It’s easy to get caught up in web design and focusing on increasing your website’s speed. However, in the middle of all of this, you can’t lose focus on security. Cybercriminals are always lurking and ready to pounce on vulnerable websites. Most of the time when a website gets hacked, team members of an organization can track and pinpoint the issue to something completely preventable. When you have multiple team members working on various tasks without being on the same page, mistakes are bound to occur. Even a small mistake like not updating a plugin or not having the appropriate permission set can leave just enough of a gap for a cybercriminal to enter and compromise your website. The damage done to your company’s bottom line is one thing, but you’ll also be adding in the damage to your reputation in the eyes of customers, which can be difficult to regain.

So what’s the solution for keeping security measures high without having to focus 100% of your time on it? Pantheon’s sophisticated platform prevents cybercriminals from exploiting WordPress and Drupal websites by plugging up common entry points. The containerized infrastructure is designed to keep each website separate from the others on the platform, so mass attacks are virtually impossible. File permissions are also unique where special permissions have to be given to be able to rewrite or perform any actions on the site. These permissions can also be revoked immediately once the authorized user has completed their objective. This level of security keeps your website safe from cybercriminals, while not requiring team members to monitor security around the clock. And most importantly, it doesn’t disrupt daily operations.

Automate When You Can

Automation is not designed to replace jobs. It’s designed to replace tedious tasks designers and developers would normally have to do that takes away valuable time. Tasks to consider automating include backups, testing, updating plugins and security measures and much more. With Pantheon’s WebOps, tasks like these can operate in the background so you won’t have to worry about assigning them to a member of your team. Instead, you’ll be alerted or notified when action needs to be taken and can continue optimizing your website in the meantime.

Operate A Successful Website With WebOps

You can operate a successful website without WebOps, but chances are your company will be wasting time, money and resources at the same time. WebOps encourages collaboration among team members to create results and improve the overall look, feel and performance of a website, while wasting as little time as possible. Website traffic is up across the board during these times, so you have to ensure your website is meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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