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Nostalgic Trends in Adult Food Flavors

When is the last time you’ve consumed food or beverages that made you think back to your childhood? Based on current trends in the food industry, chances are you may have come across these products or will soon enough. Companies have realized people enjoy eating and drinking items from their childhood, so we are seeing a lot of products make their return in different forms. 

Kids that grew up in the 1990s are now in their 30’s and may have kids of their own. So companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to evoke nostalgia in the adults since they are more likely to think back to their childhood and purchase products for their children that they enjoyed. Here are some of the nostalgic trends that come in various forms, including twists that make certain products healthier for everyone.

Fun Fruity Cereal

One of your childhood memories may be eating a great bowl of cereal every morning before school. Whether it was Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cheerios or anything else you enjoyed, chances are you’ll find the same cereal on grocery store shelves today. Companies have taken these items a step further now, though, and have created individual protein bars using some of those nostalgic flavors. While you still may enjoy a great bowl of fruity cereal with your kids, they now make fun fruity cereal protein bars with added nutritional value that can be consumed at any time of day. They taste great and are healthy for kids and adults alike and can be enjoyed on-the-go.

Spins On Sweet Childhood Treats

Whether you enjoyed sweet cereals, popsicles, ice cream, s’mores or other sweet treats during your childhood, you can surely find some on grocery store shelves or online today that will take you back a couple of decades. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches bring back childhood memories for many people, and now it’s a popular ice cream flavor. Making s’mores around a campfire may also make you think back to good times, and now you can find s’mores-flavored granola bars, ice cream and other sweet treats. And you can’t forget about fun birthday cakes with tasty icing and colorful sprinkles, whether you were celebrating your birthday or attending a birthday party. The traditional birthday cake flavor can be enjoyed in many different forms today, from ice cream to protein bars and everything in between.

Other Food Trends To Evoke Nostalgia

Comfort food is another category sure to evoke nostalgia. Things like Pop Tart flavors, macaroni and cheese, ice cream floats, frozen pizza, certain cereals and much more have made comebacks recently in different forms. When it comes to sweet cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a popular item and it’s more convenient to purchase than ever before. Popular Pop Tart flavors are still available, and now you can find them as ice cream flavors, cereal flavors and other forms. The popular Totino’s frozen pizzas from your childhood are now found as pizza rolls and still have the traditional flavors you enjoyed in pizza form. No matter what food item you indulged in as a child, chances are you’ll be able to enjoy it in some capacity today as an adult and even share the enjoyment with your kids.

While nostalgia typically sells well, consumers today are conscious about not only what tastes great, but is also healthy for them and their children. Companies have taken notice of this and are offering various products that evoke nostalgia, but also have a healthy twist to them. When parents can provide healthy treats to their children that taste great and bring back wonderful childhood memories, it’s a perfect situation for everyone involved.

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